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MFJ-422E Curtis Bencher Keyer Combo

MFJ-422E Curtis Bencher Keyer Combo

Best of all CW worlds -- a deluxe MFJ/Curtis keyer in a compact package that fits right on the Bencher iambic paddle! Buy the combination or just the keyer for your Bencher or MFJ iambic paddles.
MFJs most popular keyer is small in size, big in features. It gives you adjustable weight and tone and has front panel volume and speed controls (5 - 65 wpm). Has built in dot-dash memories, speaker, sidetone and automatic or semi-auto/tune modes.
Keys solid state or tube transmitters. Fully shielded. Use 9 volt battery or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D
The keyer mounts on the paddle base to form a small attractive combination that is a pleasure to look at and use.

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