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MFJ-1856 Six Band Hex-Beam Antenna

MFJ-1856 Six Band Hex-Beam Antenna

MFJ-1856 Six Band Hex-Beam Antenna


Has six individually stacked monoband yagis -- all on a single feeline!

Each yagi is optimized for maximum performance. You`ll get the same high gain and nearly equal front-to-back ratio at far, far less than half the price.

Works great as low as 20 feet.
Full size elements, no lossy traps or coils, wide bandwidth and low swr across each band gives you the best possible performance -- not tuner needed.

A single feedline lets you instantly jump to where the action is on any band! never switch antennas or tune -- save valuable time and increase your contest score.

QSO on one band and monitor many other bands with multiple receivers or SDRs and a multi-coupler!
It weighs only 30 pounds and has a short 17 foot turning radius.
Its small windload, light weight and small footprint makes it ideal for a small rotator like hy-gain`s CD-45II.

Instead of an expensive tower, all you need is a guyed push-up-pole.
Exceptionally strong symmetrical fiberglass construction withstands the harshest weather conditions. This lessens the effect of rain, wind, snow and ice as well as gives you years of reliable DX.

Click the picture below to see the Gain Charts for the MFJ-1856!

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