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MFJ-1436 B (Black)

MFJ-1436 B (Black)

RuffRider Mobile Tri-Bander, SO/NMO,  59 Inches of Stacked Elements with High-Q Phasing Coils Provide Outstanding Gain for Longer QSOs! Has 7.2dB Gain on 440 MHz, 4.5 dB Gain on 2 Meters and 2.15 dBi Gain on 6 Meters. Work All Your Favorite Bands with Just One Antenna! It's Perfect for the New Triband and Multiband Radios! MFJ-1436 is Factory Tuned for SWR Less Than 1.5:1 with 50 Ohm Impedance. Handles 150 Watts. 5" Mag Mount Recommended. Black.

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