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MFJ-1432 B (Black)

MFJ-1432 B (Black)

VHF/UHF RuffRider Hyper Gain, 62 1/2 Inch,  comes with MFJ's 90 degree fold-over feature. Gives 5 dB gain on 7/8 Wave 2 Meters; 5/8 Wave, 7.6 dB gain on 440 MHz. Our highest gain antenna. Handles 150 Watts. Has a PL-259 Base Mount for Quick Installation to a Heavy Duty SO-239 Magnet, Trunk/Hatch, Gutter or Mirror Mount. NMO Adapter is Included for Use with an NMO Mount. Tri-Mag Mount Recommended. Black.

See MFJ-1432 for Chrome

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