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Heil FS-2 Dual Footswitch

Heil FS-2 Dual Footswitch

Heil FS-2 Dual Footswitch

The Heil FS-2 is a unique product specially designed for controlling two devices simultaneously. A typical application would be to key a transceiver with the BLACK lead and an RF power amplifier with the RED lead. Because of the design architecture, the micro-switch controlling the RED lead keys up first as the foot switch is depressed, thus the RED lead turns on before the BLACK lead thus insuring that the amplifier is keyed first before drive is applied from the transceiver that keys up last in the sequence.

The Heil FS-2 features an ergonomically correct foot switch with the hinge under your heel which requires much less effort and relaxes the shin muscles during long periods of operation, such as contest and DxPedion operations.

The hinge is a solid bar running through the entire top and bottom plates, eliminating threaded screws or fasteners that may work loose. The FS-2 has been designed for maximum comfort and reliability.

The Heil FS-2 Dual Channel Foot Switch terminates into a 1/4″ and RCA. The RCA is common with many of the amplifier keying input connectors. The RED lead that will control your amplifier can easily be fitted in the field with other types of connectors. The wire is easily soldered should you need to remove the RED amplifier lead.

The 1/4″ male BLACK lead connects into the 1/4″ female pig tail of the Heil CC-1 connecting microphone cable assembly, thus controlling the push to talk line of the exciter.

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