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Paradan Radio DC Volt/Amp Meter

Paradan Radio DC Volt/Amp Meter

Paradan Radio DC Volt-Amp Meter.

This is a great way to measure all your 13.8 volt equipment in your radio station. The digital meter displays voltage up to 20 volts and current to 40 amperes on its LCD.  Just place it in-line with dc powered devices.  Resolution is to four places with an accuracy of 1 percent. Depressing the pushbutton turns on the display’s backlight for about 20 seconds.  Current is measured on the positive lead, thereby enabling correct readings in automobile installations that use the chassis for ground.  The meter uses Powerpole connectors, is RF filtered and housed in a sturdy metal case. 



Voltage:  4 to 20 volts

Current:  up to 40 amperes

Averaging:  0.5 seconds

Current Sense Resistor:  0.005 ohms

LED Indicators:  YELLOW is below 11.5V, GREEN is 11.5-15 V, RED above 15V

Current draw:  Approximately 5 ma., 60 ma. when backlit.

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