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Paradan Radio DC Gate 80

Paradan Radio DC Gate 80

Paradan Radio DC Gate 80

The Paradan Radio DC Gate 80 is a 13.8 volt high-power battery back-up system for powering your radio station, repeater, or other equipment.  It can supply up to 80 amperes from either a power supply or a battery.  Whenever the ac power is lost, this unit instantaneously switches from a power supply to a battery.  The switching element is a dual Schottky Diode.  There is a built- in four-stage 10-20 amp battery charger to rapidly restore the battery following a power outage.  Charge current, and battery voltage, are displayed on a easy to read LCD digital meter.  One-quarter inch brass studs assure robust electrical connections.


Power Supply Voltage:  13.8 - 15.0 volts

Battery: “12volt” GEL, or AGM type lead-acid batteries, any amp-hour rating

Current:  80 amperes maximum

Diode Drop:  0.3 volts @10 amperes. 

Connectors:  ¼ inch brass studs

Diodes:  120 Amp Schottky dual diode , Ixys DDSS2X-121 

Charger:  40A FET controlled by UC3904 lead-acid battery charging IC

Charge Current:  No fuse – 10 amps, fuse in – 20 amps maximum (fuse is only a jumper)

Charger LEDs:  GN = Bulk Charge, YEL = Float charge, RED = Absorption charge cycle

Case:  Sturdy 0.2 inch thick aluminum, painted black

$190.00 $189.95