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Paradan Radio DC Gate 40

Paradan Radio DC Gate 40

Paradan Radio DC Gate 40

This is a 13.8 volt battery back-up system for powering your radio station, “go box”, Repeater or RV.  It can output up to 40 amperes from either a power supply or a battery.  Whenever the AC power is lost, the FET gate switches from a power supply to a battery, instantaneously.  A small built-in charger keeps the battery "topped off" and fresh.  It is solidly made on a Aluminum heat-sink with Powerpole connections.


Power Supply Voltage:  13.8 - 14.0 volts

Battery: “12volt” GEL, or AGM type lead-acid batteries, any amp-hour rating

Current:  40 amperes maximum

Connectors:  Anderson Powerpoles

Diodes:  Two 80 Amp Schottky, IRF 80CPQ030

Diode Drop:  0.3 volts @10Amps

Charger:  Schottky diode, with a 3 ohm, 10W, resistor

Size:   5.25 x 2.75 x 1.0 in., Powerpoles prodrude 0.5 in.

Weight: 9.5 oz.

$70.00 $69.95