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MFJ-265 2.5 KW Dry Dummy Load

MFJ-265 2.5 KW Dry Dummy Load

The MFJ-265 is a 2500 Watt fan cooled dummy load handles any legal limit amplifier, and lets you tune-up your expensive amplifier fast and super easy. Works with all amplifiers, transceivers and transmitters from DC through 6 Meters. It can dissipate 2500 Watts average power for one minute on, ten minutes off. Handles 300 Watts continuous. SWR is less than 1.25 to 1 below 30 MHz and less than 1.4 from 30 to 60 MHz. Four 50 Ohm non-inductive super high energy density resistors are used.

Each has an incredibly high energy density of 7000 joules per cubic inch per second with a voltage gradient of 10 kV per inch! Detailed specifications and power curve are permanently silk-screened on the bronzed cabinet for easy reference.
Uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC. 8 1/4W x 4H x 9 1/2D in. SO-239 connectors. 5 pounds.

$249.95 $237.95