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MFJ-1532N 144/440 MHz Base Antenna

MFJ-1532N 144/440 MHz Base Antenna

MFJ's exclusive PulsePEAK technology provides a super low angle of radiation directly at the horizon. This gives MFJ Pulsar antennas the maximum possible gain for longest range performance. Wide band, high gain performance. MFJ's Pulsar antennas feature wide band performance and high gain on all bands for superior repeater and base station operation. You'll transmit a powerful signal and receive weak, distant stations clearly. Heavy duty fiberglass radomes and overlapping shells add strength and stability for extended dependable use even in high wind. Each Pulsar antenna uses stainless steel hardware and waterproof joints. This prevents moisture and pollution from damaging your antenna. Pulsar antennas are pre-tuned at the factory and built for years of dependable use. Minimum assembly make Pulsar antennas perfect for base station and repeater use.
Stainless steel radials easily hand screws onto the base. Simply attach your coax to its built-in water-proof connector.
The assembly is so quick and easy, these antennas are great for portable, field day and DXpedition use.
Pulsars are supplied with all mounting hardware and mounting holder.
All Pulsar antennas are protected by MFJs famous No Matter What one year limited warranty. MFJ will repair or replace (at our option) your antenna No Matter What for one full year.
Select from single, dual or tri-Band antennas
Choose from a wide selection of Base/Repeater Station antennas with different gains and lengths.
1.2GHz/2M/440 MHz Tri-Band.
Pulsar VHF/UHF and 1.2 GHz Tri-Bander Base/Repeater Antenna. You get great VHF operation plus exciting 1.2 GHz! Great 4.5 dB gain on 2 meters, 8.3 dB gain on 440 MHz and a whopping 11.7 dB gain on 1.2 GHz. Just 5.5 feet. Easily hides on balcony, small patio. Type "N" connect, handles 200 Watts.

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