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MFJ-1129 10 DC Power Pole Outlet

MFJ-1129 10 DC Power Pole Outlet

Get the best of both connectors! 10 outlets with installed fuses: two 1A, three 5A, three 10A, one 25A, and one 40A. Outlets 1, 2, 4-8 are Anderson PowerPole®. Outlet 3 is a 35A high current binding post; outlet 9, 10 are 15A binding posts. Built-in 0-25 VDC Voltmeter. ON/OFF switch for outlets 4-10, 20 amps total. Outlets 1, 2, 3 unswitched, handle 40 amps total. Includes 7 pairs of PowerPole® 14 40A contacts, 10 fuses (2 ea, 1,5,10,25,40). 121/2Wx11/4Hx23/4D in.
Each Anderson PowerPole® outlet can carry up to 40 amps. You can fuse each outlet as needed to protect your accessories or transceiver. The main fuse is 40 amps.
The standard color coded fuses simply plug in from outside. They are widely available ATC/ATO automobile fuses and can be used for 6, 12, 24 VDC systems.
The heavy duty DC input cable is built-in you dont have to pay extra just to use it! Its a high-current carrying capacity eight gauge, flexible, stranded, six foot (can be shorten) cable with 5/16 ring terminals. Its color coded Red and Black.
Extra Anderson PowerPole® connectors, contacts and fuses are included at no extra cost, unlike lesser competitive products.
An massive 0.062 inch thick double sided plated through PC board with wide traces is used. The current path has an equivalent current carrying capacity of an enormous 4 ounce trace.
RF-tight aluminum cabinet has mounting ears and ground post with wing nut.

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